What are Interactive eLearning Courses?

Interactive eLearning courses are more relevant, allows a certain amount of interaction and lets the user to explore the content by reflecting on the idea and testing it to know how much is learnt. Before the eLearning Course development process begins, there is ONE important question the organisation needs to consider carefully to get the best possible outcome.

Who is the target audience? Is it school children? Office Employees? Factory Floor Staff?

The reason why this is a pertinent question is because it will make a huge impact on how the eLearning course is planned and delivered.


Benefits of Interactive eLearning

The main goal for every eLearning course is to engage and motivate learners and give them an enriching online learning experience. However, just designing and developing an eLearning course is not sufficient for professionals. It should gather the interest of the target audience and motivate them to learn even better. Some benefits on why you need to make your course interactive to catch the public eye.

Boosts Motivation

Boosts Motivation

Interactive courses encourage learners to participate actively in the course and in the process boosts motivation in them. Interaction basically provides an opportunity for learners to stop and think and reflect on the topic and then move further with the learning.

More Engagement

Creates more Engagement

As the course will be interactive, it will create more engagement with the audience. Learners enjoy clicking the “Next” button and moving further with the course which ultimately results in the success of your eLearning.

Causes Reaction

Causes Reaction

Interactive learning provides people opportunity to learn new things without taking real risks and gauging their performance thereby to confirm how successful they are in their learning procedures. This encourages them to experiment more and deal with the actual problem and have a high rate of success without causing unnecessary stress.

Encourages Thinking

Encourages Thinking

With this course, learners are exploring their thinking patterns. They come to know how they can perceive a problem and think in their own way to bring out the best solution possible.

Retains Knowledge

Retains Knowledge

Curiosity leads to better retention of knowledge and that is what an interactive eLearning course is aiming at. With their own thinking methods, learners can better understand the course which helps to retain the knowledge gained in the long run.


Synotive’s Interactive eLearning Outcomes

We understand that for an eLearning program to be truly successful, there are three important elements not be overlooked.

  • Learner Focused
  • Engaging
  • Interactive

We believe that by adding a variety of interactive eLearning experiences, you should be able to improve retention rates in an organisation, increase learner participation and achieve the goals set up for eLearning, but most importantly, make learning a fun activity regardless of the subject matter.

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