How does an eLearning Course benefit the business?

Developing eLearning courses are more effective and less costly than creating traditional classroom-based learning methods. Synotive eLearning developers believe that by adding a variety of interactive eLearning experiences, a business can improve retention rates in an organisation, increase learner participation and achieve the goals set up for eLearning, but most importantly, make learning a fun activity regardless of the subject matter.

In addition, online courses have the ability to reach a wide audience who are unable to attend the conventional training sessions due to reasons like:

  • Far away geographical locations and limited means to travel
  • Restricted mobility as a result of locations based in conflicted areas
  • Limited means because of interference of cultural and religious beliefs
  • Difficulty in real-time communications because of different language
  • Family and work commitments causing hindrance in learning time

Online eLearning Course Development Process with Synotive’s professional team


    Initial Consultation

    The first meeting is critical as it forms the basis to take the eLearning Solutions in the right direction. Boundaries are set to ensure we do not under deliver or over deliver. We find out from you exactly what your expectations and outcomes are. Where possible, we like to meet all the stakeholders possible who will engage in the use of the eLearning solutions and that includes the technical team who will maintain the Learning Management System post-delivery. This is important as we want to ensure the courses will support your existing system.

    Storyboard preparation

    This is the start of the journey for things to come together. We prepare the layout of images and design. Upon completion of our instructional design, we decide what content and how much content should be included to make it an appealing experience which your audience loves. To keep the branding uniform, our clients provide us with their corporate branding guide; the logo, colour schemes etc.

    Client Review/ Testing/ Approval

    Now is the time for you to review and test the course. Do you like it or love it? The review is very important as you now have everything coming together. We will not disappoint you.

    Agree on the concept

    This component constitutes the structure of the learning course. Elements such as visual requirement, technology, and design are discussed. We will discuss with you if this course requires point to complete towards certification, or is feedback required for the learner etc.


    Once the client approves the storyboard, we will commence the design phase. For our developers, this is the time to put all the ideas into action. They work their magic to create any subject into a work of creative genius!!

    Implementation on Learning Management Platform

    Upon approval, the course will be implemented on the learning management platform. Based on the contract requirements, this will either be implemented by Synotive or the client.

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