What are cloud computing services?

Cloud technologies power operational efficiencies and helps business transform their models to meet burgeoning demands of unprecedented scale. With Synotive’s Cloud-enabled transformation framework, we help you transform your business processes and applications with our exclusive range of cloud services.

Synotive cloud management experts work with you to analyse, measure and evaluate your applications for the cloud framework and to finalise a complete cloud strategy and roadmap for your business growth.

Types of Cloud Management Services and Applications with Cloud Computing

Cloud is now an essential business driver to change and to make your systems quicker and simpler to manage. We see Cloud as a global design standard to everything we deliver, underpinning our portfolio lifecycle of client solutions.

  • Software as a service (SaaS)

    Business applications for these services are provided over the web. Right from the hardware infrastructure and software, all interactions are made through a front-end portal. Some examples for this type of services are inventory control and database processing.

  • Platform as a service (PaaS)

    In this type of service, software data and other development tools are held on the service provider’s set up network. All development procedures are conducted through this platform over the internet.

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

    Here, “virtual” infrastructure is provided by the supplier like servers, storage and access.

Cloud Management and Strategy

Cloud management is an on-demand computing service and hence you can scale your resources up and down according to your requirements. Moreover, you need to pay only for those services which your business needs and are accessed by you or by the concerned people in your organisation.

Cloud Computing Deployment structures

Solidifying the framework with service levels and tighter norms for integrity, we empower you to deploy cloud architectures aligned to your unique ecosystem.


Public Cloud

Services are deployed to any network to meet your requirements for reliability and security.

Private Cloud

A very high quality and easily manageable server and other infrastructure with enhanced security to operate your own business exclusively for certain users.

Hybrid Cloud

Customised versions of both private and public cloud services.


Benefits of Using Cloud Computing


Adopting cloud computing will change your business. We make the cloud safe and easy to use for business.

  • Cost effective as there is no need for buying infrastructure and training IT staff
  • Increased efficiency as the processes are optimised and monitored effectively. Moreover, data and work is readily available to staff and management.
  • Enhanced Security Measures as data is stored and backed up on cloud.

With leading Australia based software development company, Synotive as your cloud technologist’s partner, you can use cloud delivery to do far more than drive cost out of IT. Meet real-time scale of business demands. Collaborate across business units, silos and transcend to bridge technology and business like never before.

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