Email marketing: still the most relevant form of digital marketing

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is still the most effective method of digital marketing for your business. While social media marketing is essential in today’s online markets, email marketing should be the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. Communication with existing customers or prospective clients via email can include informing clients of newly launched products or services, sending advertisements, building rapport, and distributing regular newsletters. All of this encourages repeat business in the future.

As Australia’s premier digital email marketing company, we tailor our email marketing services to ensure they work for your success. Keeping in mind the various different preferences of your target audience, we customise our customer-centric templates for email marketing promotions.

“Synotive’s powerful email marketing campaigns help you maximise your reach. We are the leading email marketing agency in Australia for a reason. ”

Why are the services of an email marketing company still important today?

Even in this age of social media proliferation, email remains the most extensively used method of communication. Regularly updates about any new product launches or events in your business is critical to keep your customer base intact. As part of a reputable email marketing agency based in Melbourne, Australia, Synotive's enthusiastic team of specialists provide a range of email marketing services to help you realise several key benefits.


    Wider audience base

    An established email marketing company can solidify the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. The simplest reason for this is the massive reach of information through email. Your potential customers are more likely to read your email offer, which they may have simply scrolled past on any social media platform. With the large database of clients your business has, both old and new, our email marketing services provide an easy way of distributing information and notifications to them.

    Instant communication

    Not only is emailing customers an instant method of relaying your messages, but communicating through email also prompts instant action on their part. Our email marketing services provide tailored updates and messages based on your target customer behaviour patterns to vastly increase the Click Through Rates and conversion rates.

    Template customisation

    A successful email marketing agency also helps you utilise a substantially more personalised method of relaying messages to your existing customers. Synotive’s email marketing services include customised email templates to suit the range of audience your business is aiming to attract. Our email templates are designed according to your specific requirements.

    Performance tracking

    Due to the instant nature of email marketing and customer response, feedback on your performance indicators is also instantaneous. With our email marketing services, you are able to constantly monitor your updates and measure your performance. This enables in depth analysis of the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy, resulting in faster improvements to it.

    Increased returns

    All the above benefits point towards greater customer engagement. When you are able to communicate your promotions and offerings to your customers in a manner that attracts them, you can be assured of increased sales and returns on your investment.

Realise your growth potential with Synotive’s email marketing strategy

Email marketing is a strategy that has vast potential if utilised effectively. Many businesses make the mistake of underestimating the reach and conversion power of successful email marketing. Your business would have kept adding to a large database of email addresses from clients, website visitors and prospective customers over the years. Leverage this database and continue to engage with them with Synotive’s unique email marketing services. Through our years of experience, we have cultivated a reputation as a leading email marketing company in Australia. Our email marketing services guarantee:

  • Thorough market and industry research to develop the most effective email marketing strategy for your business
  • Simple and customisable template built to the preferences of your target audience
  • Captivating emails to retain and expand your audience base

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