Before writing aims and objectives, we need to first clearly distinguish between the two. What are they and why are they critical in eLearning course development?


The Main Idea/Thought/Thing that you want to achieve in the course. It tells the learner what they will gain from this course. The aim is like the mountain top, the goal to reach.

Examples of Writing a Clear Course Aim:

  1. This course aims to develop your understanding of the characters in the Korean Alphabet.
  2. This course aims to equip you with sound knowledge of how to care for dying patients in the ICU.
  3. This course aims to make you knowledgeable about the environmental impacts on the Yangtze River.


Learning objectives are the steps the students will take to reach the aim. It’s all about what the learner will be able to do at the completion of the course.

Examples of Writing Clear Course Objectives:

  1. The learner should be able to illustrate the difference between a circle and a rectangle.
  2. The learner should be able to assemble a chair in 5 minutes.
  3. The learner should be able to identify the contributions made by Mother Theresa.

Combining the aim and learning objectives will set the pace for the following:

Define the eLearning course. Ensuring only relevant information is presented to learners.

Keep the eLearning strategies right on track. Just use enough text and images to bring the course to live.

Help with assessment. Know what is to be assessed at which part of the course.

Learner expectations. Clear aims and objectives will satisfy the learner’s expectations as they know what to expect from the course.


Some Action Verbs to use for Learning Objectives Remember, Learning Objectives should be measureable
Abstract Identify Observe Track
Activate Illustrate Operate Train
Acquire Implement Perform Transfer
Articulate Investigate Plan Update
Breakdown Judge Point Use
Build Justify Question Utilise
Carry out Limit Rate Visualise
Demonstrate List Recall Verify
Describe Locate Rewrite Verbalise
Employ Maintain Schedule Write
Establish Manage Specify
Examine Name State