We all know how wonderful bullet points are. They provide a clear and concise view of text on the slides. However, as eLearning grows at a rapid rate, innovation is the key. We are presented with so much content that it has become more complex to present the information in bite sized portions but at the same time not to see bullet points on every screen.

Below we will show you examples of how we have reduced bullet points (you can never totally remove them as some content still does require bullet points) and instead presented the content in a more visual way.

Example #1

Using icons is a wonderful way to present information. If we had not used icons, we would have a screen with 6 bullet points, plain text and a whole lot of empty space where we may have put up an image or an enlarged icon and basically destroyed the aesthetics of the page.

Used Icons to Replace Bullet Points

Example #2

Here, we have used a table to present the information instead of using standard bullet points. The information is clear.

Used Table to Replace Bullet Points

Example #3

The bullet point is converted to a speech bubble. Suddenly, you have a visually appealing slide.

Bullet Point Converted To Speech Bubble

Example #4

Here, we created 2 speech bubbles to replace bullet points. When the user was instructed to click on the speech bubbles, it then revealed further text. We have basically created 2 dimensions here. Removed unnecessary bullet point and created a click n reveal activity for the client.

Speech Bubbles to Replace Bullet Points

Example #5

This slide was text heavy, so we decided to show images and get learners to rollover the images to get to the content. This would again ensure that we were not using bullet points on every single slide.

Pictures to Replace Bullet Points

Example #6

This was an interesting slide we created where instead of bullet points, as the words appear, the man in the middle makes the corresponding expressions.

Character Expressions to Replace Bullet Points

Example #7

Instead of standard bullet points, we used images to show the words. It has suddenly made this slide look so visually appealing!

Images to Show Words

Example #8

We removed bullet point and instead used an illustration. We created hot spots for learners to click and reveal more information.

Used Hot Spots to Replace Bullet Points

We have just showed you a small sample of what you can do to reduce bullet points and still create effective content.

There are so many other ways to reduce bullet points. If you like what you see, do get in touch as we have so much more to offer. We believe in our innovative ways to produce content which is unique.