There are innumerable ways in which a website can achieve the required rankings and conversions for their business. Starting from the right SEO strategies to appealing content to attractive website design, and many more, businesses now need only the right mix to make an impact on the audience and Google altogether. Henceforth, designing and developing the right business website complete with attractive features is the motto for many businesses today.

Here, we let you know some important aspects of designing and developing your website. Read on and consider the following tips before you venture into this aspect of your business:

1. Content and Usability

Content and Usability

‘Content is king’ has and will always remain the buzzword in Internet Marketing. Hence, make sure your content is able to connect with your audience with proper call-to-action statements. If your customer is able to navigate and use your website with utmost ease, then certainly it will help in improving customer relations and thereby building a relationship of trust between you and your customer.

2. Appealing Design

Appealing Design

The look of the website is of prime importance. Create a design with the help of the best website design services that suits your business profile and is appealing to your audience. Remember, visitors are impressed only if they connect with you while visiting your website.

3. Clean, SEO-Friendly website including Integration with Social Media

SEO-Friendly website

If you have a niche audience in mind, SEO comes into action here. Build a website that is completely SEO friendly including integration with the social media which has become a requirement now. Sharing, following, liking other content and groups will give you more exposure online.

4. Enhanced Colour Scheme

Enhanced Colour Scheme

The colour and style of website reflects the true nature and type of your business. So make sure if you have a completely professional website, then the colours should be chosen accordingly and if your website is somewhat a fashion or any other entertainment website then including an amazing mix of colours might help you in retaining your clients.

5. Navigation


A confused structure and navigations may pave the way for you losing a potential client. Try to keep the navigation as simple as possible as any type of confusion may compel customers to leave your website.

6. Adequate Security

Adequate Security

Ensure the website has complete protection against malware, malicious apps, viruses and many other online threats for both back end and front end.

7. Responsive Sites

Responsive Sites

Shoppers today have the liberty of shopping their favourite products or services from whatever gadgets are available to them. So, it becomes a must for any online business to make their site responsive for all versions as customers can choose any medium to make a purchase.

8. Multiple Browsers Compatibility

Browsers Compatibility

Make it a point to design a website which is compatible with multiple browsers including the older versions as well. You may never know which browser your potential client is using.

9. Testimonials


When customers give honest reviews of your products, it becomes clear that they have placed their trust on you while you guarantee them the products and services they desire. If your product page contains the review of your satisfied clientele, then it paves the way for more sales as more people will come to your site reading the positive comments of your genuine customers.

10. Getting the right Domain and Host

Right Domain and Host

A domain name is the reflection of your business. It should depict the true picture of your business making it memorable at the same time. Misspelt names or names that are weird do not catch the eye of the audience and might be less potent.

When it comes to hosting, try to choose a service that is best suited for your needs and within your budget. With proper backup, security and other attractive in-house features, your website is going to be a hit online.

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